Big Changes at Sparkplug Dance

Since our founding in 2004, Sparkplug Dance has created a small, yet vibrant studio space at the Washington Park Community Center. Thousands of young dancers and their parents and caregivers have shared in the joy of movement and dance through classes such as Neuro-Nuture Baby Dance, Dance and Art, and Creative Ballet.

While the studio program may have been our most publicly visible program, Sparkplug Dance has also quietly, yet steadfastly created a community of dance that extends into the schools, local daycare and preschools, and into service agencies such as Relief Nursery and EC Cares. Our commitment to weaving dance into the fabric of our community has only increased over the years, as we have witnessed the incredible benefit that comes from engaging children that may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience dance and movement.

With careful visioning over the past two years by Sparkplug's Board of Directors and Staff, we have decided that our future focus needs to be dedicated to these community connections. Therefore, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to close the doors to our studio program, and focus with renewed intention and energy on our community outreach programs.

We are very excited about this new direction, while remaining incredibly grateful to the hundreds of families that have danced with us over the years in our studio program. Thank you for sharing in the joy of movement with us. We look forward to dancing with the Eugene area community for many more years to come!

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