Teacher Resource Guide

Teacher Resource Guide

Web Sites:

Dance, Education and the Child:

  • Creative Dance Center, Seattle, WA Classes, workshops and teacher trainings: www.creativedance.org
  • Pathways Awareness Expecting a baby or grandchild? Have a little one?
    Work in a daycare? Your baby will appreciate it if you read this: http://www.pathwaysawareness.org/
  • Dance and the Child International USA (daci USA) promotes dance and the child, irrespective of race, color, gender, religion, national or social origin: www.daci.org
  • A Statement of Physical Activity Guidelines for Children Birth to Five Years from the American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance: www.aahperd.org/naspe
  • JABADAO , Based in the UK, an organization dedicated to further research into movement and the mind: http://www.jabadao.org/devmov/dev.html
  • National Dance Educators Organization (NDEO) for info about dance in education, dance educators directory and books and videos: www.ndeo.org
  • National Dance Association for arts and education standards, books and dance videos: email nda@AAHPERD.org

Brain Growth and Development and the Arts as a Tool for Learning

Learning Disabilities and Developmental Movement Therapy


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  • Teaching Creative Dance (video) Anne Green Gilbert, www.creativedance.org, 2002.
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  • Music for Creative Dance Volumes 1-4. Eric Chappelle. info@ravennaventures.com
  • I am the Song . Kerri Lynn Nichols. contact@treefrogpro.com
  • Music for Dancers. Kerri Lynn Nichols. contact@treefrogpro.com
  • Gradual Motion Peter Jones, PO Box 294, South Hadley, MA 01075
  • John’s Music Center , Seattle, WA, www.johnsmusic.com